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ENGIE Services Maroc

In Morocco, ENGIE Services Maroc has developed long-lasting partnerships with local stakeholders offering various services to match the growing market needs in terms of energy

Your partner for the energy transition in Morocco

ENGIE Services Maroc is the leader in energy services in Morocco. It is committed to support the energy transition of the country through dedicated teams and an integrated company that serves a range of economic players.

In Morocco, ENGIE positions itself as a services expert in energy efficiency : it designs and develops solutions to meet the new energy challenges be it regulatory, human or environmental.

Who are we?

We respond to the need of our customers that want to reconcile their short-term business goals with a contribution to a more sustainable world.

  • cities and regions seek to make their buildings less energy-consuming, they develop daring plans for public spaces and offer a new kind of urban services – which are efficient, sustainable and more adapted to contemporary needs,.
  • industrial players want to lead by example, improving performance, reducing their environmental footprint and becoming more competitive by redesigning production processes.
  • the construction business enhances user comfort by creating smarter, more economical and more virtuous living and working places.
  • The agricultural sector is at the heart of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions,  formalized in the Green Morocco Plan which promotes green growth and optimizes production costs.

At ENGIE Services Maroc, we are nearly 1600 employees, with multiple skills, capable of working together alongside our customers and providing solutions to their challenges.

ENGIE Services Maroc optimizes the use of energies and resources and the functioning of industrial processes, boosts the quality of living and working environments while supporting its customers towards a carbon-neutral future.

ENGIE Services Maroc : your partner of choice

Increase the performance of your Installations


  • Improve the competitiveness and operational performance of industrial players
  • Modernize facilities and equipment, ensure availability and sustainability,
  • Optimize energy efficiency of buildings and create a comfortable environment for the well-being of occupants,
  • Respect cultural heritage and improve attractiveness of territories,


Our solutions

  • Energy renovation of buildings that are intelligent, connected and economical,
  • Optimizing industrial processes (automation, command control, instrumentation, BIM ...),
  • Develop energy supervision of buildings: guarantee security and continuity of service (reliability of electrical distribution, maintenance, etc.),
  • A more efficient and cost-effective Public Lighting

Some references


- Fquih Ben Salah - Elhalassa: the largest phosphate laundromat in the world: ENGIE has been entrusted with the construction and installation of the largest phosphate laundromat in the world to increase its production capacity.

- the Port of Casablanca: ENGIE is responsible for the installation of a new, more efficient dry dock system to improve and increase the reception capacity of the port of Casablanca and make it the benchmark site for repair, maintenance and conversion of all types of vessels.


- the largest mall in Morocco: The AKSAL Group has entrusted ENGIE with the installation of high & low current, heating, ventilation and air conditioning installations of the Morocco Mall for an improved performance of technical installations, and more comfort  for the client.

Theater of Casablanca
Theater of Casablanca

- the Grand Theater of Casablanca: ENGIE carried out the installations of high & low current and air conditioning of the Grand Theater of Casablanca making it a multi-disciplinary, reliable and safe space

- Industrial factories in Tangier: MAGNETI MARELLI and VARROC have entrusted ENGIE with the production of their industrial units located in Tangier Automotive City. Work focused on the installation of fluid equipment, high & low current to provide international manufacturers with modern high-performance platforms.


  • Fiber optic telecoms infrastructure: ENGIE installed Orange's optical services.
  • Control and piloting systems: ENGIE has equipped a control room at the Benguerir mine

Communities & Territories

- Supplying Moroccan cities with drinking water: ENGIE supported ONEE on drinking water supply projects in the cities of Marrakech and Tetouan to improve the performance of the sanitation network - construction of two pumping stations in Marrakech and two in Tetouan.

- LGV and Casa Voyageurs Station: From energy to transport, through its expertise ENGIE is at the heart of the largest transport infrastructure project in Morocco: the Casablanca-Tangier High Speed ​​Line. On the 323 km-track (including 200 km at high speed) – ENGIE has installed the signaling, telecommunications and security devices, as well as the electrical supply of the Casa-Voyageurs Station.


- Casablanca & Rabat tramway: ENGIE has proposed efficient and innovative solutions on all the Casablanca and Rabat tramway systems – installation of low current installations (video surveillance, intercom, sound system, access control and fire detection), overhead contact lines, railway signals, operating assistance system and passenger information.

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Solutions Clients
Solutions Clients
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